Nada Zeidan is an iconic sportswoman hailing from Qatar, known for her groundbreaking achievements in archery and rally driving.


Nada Zeidan




Website Design & Development

Nada's journey, marked by perseverance and excellence, has made her an inspirational figure for aspiring female athletes across the Arab world.

In 2016, Nada Zeidan collaborated with Everythink Design Studio to develop a brand identity and website that would reflect her remarkable story and accomplishments.

Everythink Design Studio crafted a distinctive logo that would symbolize Nada Zeidan’s multi-sport achievements and her initials “N” and “Z”. The intersection of these two letters in the logo formed a dynamic, arrow-like shape, representing her journey as an archer and rally driver. This unique combination symbolized the fusion of her two passions and was a bold statement of her identity.

The collaboration between Nada Zeidan and Everythink Design Studio in 2016 resulted in a powerful brand identity and website that encapsulated her journey and the impact she had on women in sports. Nada’s story continues to inspire and empower women in Qatar and beyond, and her brand identity remains a symbol of strength, resilience, and determination in the world of sports.